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Impeccable tailoring,
Incredible fits,
Sleek silhouettes,
Bespoke and Ready-to-Wear clothing.

Camessi Collections offers elegant, one-of-its-kind clothing that spells sophistication and style to a discerning audience, both in India and globally. The quality of materials, supreme attention to detail, the finesse of the handiwork and the flawless of the fit all work hand-in-hand, resulting in the perfect garment, every time.
With over 50 years experience, Shanker Shroff and his son, Sanjiv, of Camessi Collections, have earned their place as the blue blood of the textile industry. In 2006, the marked absence of an elegant, well-cut shirt in the Indian clothing market caught their eye and thus was born the idea of Camessi Collections.
In 2022, Camessi Collections decided to launch their very first collection of women’s shirts. Using the same high-quality fabrics and painstaking tailoring, the brand now offers shirts for women that are playful yet polished, sophisticated and sleek, and stylish, yet always classic.


Strong believers in women’s empowerment & keenly aware of the role women play in the progress of society, we entrust our production to enterprising craftswomen from neighbouring villages.

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