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Frequently asked questions
I would like to become a customer at Camessicollections
Hey there, welcome! All across Europe you can find our representatives where you’ll be able to shop our collection. Contact the agent/importer in your region to discuss the possibilities. Click on the link,

  • where you’ll find contact
  • details of all representatives.
I would like to restock my collection
You are able to reorder our collection through your agent or at our B2B portal.
Reordering by phoning our headquarters is not possible.
I am not able to login at the B2B portal
Not yet a B2B-member and would like to have access to our B2B-portal? Contact us at support@camessicollections.com. In case you login for the first time, you’ll receive an e-mail with an attached link which enables you to change your password. This e-mail might end up in your spam. After successfully creating your password, you can use this selected password to login continuously.
I forgot my username
Don’t panic. Your username is always identical to the e-mail address you registered with in our customer relationship system.
I forgot my password
In case you forgot your password, you have to insert your e-mail address at the login page and click on “forgot my password”. You’ll receive an e-mail with a link attached to re-setup your password.
I am in need of visual branding material
Available visuals (product pictures, campaign pictures and logo’s etc.) can be downloaded from our B2B-portal. Click on the button “downloads” when you are logged in.
My desired product colour or product size is sold out, what to do?
In case a particular product colour or product size is sold out, you can setup a reminder in our B2B-portal which signals you when it is in stock again. Go to the shop in our B2B-portal and click on the desired product. On the right side you’ll find the button “keep me posted”. Point out which product colour or product size you want and you’ll receive an e-mail automatically when the product is in stock again.
I have processed one order twice
Contact us immediately by sending an e-mail to support@camessicollections. In case it overdues the cooling-off period of two weeks, we’ll charge a cancellation fee of 20% over the value of the products. Reorders are being processed the day after the order placement. After processing the order it is not possible to cancel or adjust the order.
I have placed multiple orders, which can be send all at once
You can mention it in the comment section of the order or send an e-mail to support@camessicollections.com Reorders are being processed the day after the order placement. After processing the order it is not possible to cancel or adjust the order.
A product in my order is missing, what to do?
In case a product on the packing list and invoice has been filled out as 0 or isn’t present, we were not able to deliver the product. Is a product present on the packing list, but is it not included in the shipment? Send an e-mail to returns@camessicollections.com.
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